Silver Market Update

Over the weekend of January 31st, the silver bullion market caught fire. In this Silver Market Update you’ll find the “reddit crowd”, the same folks that fueled the Gamestop stock frenzy shifted their attention to the silver bullion market. They went after the ETF for silver (SLV), and silver mining stocks.  As a result, the price of silver jumped 8% on Monday and many silver stocks surged as much as 40% in a day. Then, as quickly as it started, the price of silver subsided Monday evening into Tuesday. This was a direct result of the futures market raising margin requirements on silver contracts

Over the course of the week, the Silver price has since come down to levels before it started–as if nothing had happened.  SLV and silver stocks came back to their pre-frenzy levels, and it seemed like a flash in the pan.

The Roller Coaster Price of SLV

The price action in SLV and silver stocks was very short-lived. The effect on the physical silver coin and bullion market was definitive and absolute.  Over the same weekend Austin Rare Coins, along with every other bullion dealer in the country, witnessed a frenzy in online orders. The Silver Market Update has never seen a rush to silver like we recently witnessed. New and existing customers were scrambling to place orders for physical silver coins.  In fact, we had over 25X the normal number or orders over the weekend we normally see. 

As a result of 25X normal orders, on top of an already hot silver bullion market, all silver inventories across the country were vaporized. Silver premiums were forced higher, because everybody wanted it and nobody had it.

It is nearly impossible at this moment to get any silver for immediate delivery and for any less than $4 over the “paper silver” price.  Top-tier silver Eagles are selling for $8 to $10 over spot on a retail level and even 100 Oz. Bars cost nearly $4 over spot.

History repeating itself

Is history repeating itself? Well, the same thing happened back in 2008 and again in 2011! Physical buying went through the roof and premiums for real silver were far higher than the “paper price” illusion.  It happened because we are witnessing extraordinary times.

In this Silver Market Update one thing is for sure—it doesn’t take much interest from the retail public to dry up silver inventories! All around the world and we are left with the question, “What is silver REALLY worth?”

If you need some assistance buying silver today, call us at 1-800-928-6468. We are fortunate to have access to products that many dealers can’t find and we are constantly buying silver from our tens of thousands of clients. Many of them who have owned it since it was $5 an ounce.  Call us for up to the minute pricing and availability.

Here are our Best Silver Buys at the moment...

Rare Spanish silver called 4 Reales

Rare Spanish silver called 4 Reales are coins that we’ve never seen before. Moreover, certainly not in such high of a grade. These coins were struck by Ferdinand and Isabella. The two who reigned over Spain jointly in the late 1400s, together known as the Catholic Monarchs.

Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain were responsible for funding Columbus’ journey to the New World. Silver Four Reales were the circulating currency back in the late 15th century. Some of them are probably the same coins that help to fund these trips. It is important to note, that Explorers didn’t intentionally venture out to discover the new world in the Americas. All they wanted to do was to gain wealth. Their intention was “finding a new trade route to China that would bypass the Mediterranean.”

Finest certified examples known

We acquired a group of these coins from a world coin collector in Europe. These coins are often toned, cracked, and badly worn. Luckily, we bought a group of three that are the finest certified examples known today. All of them are in Mint State 63 condition. Out of 11 total coins graded, these are the finest. They are fully centered on both sides and have very intricate strikes.

We love the world coin market because of coins like these. In addition, for the money Spanish silver like 4 Reales offer great value. Above all, they come along with a rich history. A find like this does not come around often. As far as Spanish silver goes, you’ll be hard pressed to find nicer coins than these.

Just talk to one of our Rare Coin dealers and they can help you find the exact rare world coin you are looking for. You can also go online and buy directly from our rare World Coins inventory section.


Ancient Electrum Coinage of Cyzicus

The first coins ever made were of a substance called electrum. Ancient Electrum Coinage of Cyzicus could be found occurring naturally along riversides in ancient times. Importantly, electrum contained gold and silver, with trace amounts of copper and other metals. It was bright and had such a white color to it that ancient Greeks who found it called it “white gold.” Moreover, there were several types of electrum depending on the amount of gold and the different alloys it contained. Electrum could range in color from a bright white yellow a greenish tone. Adding Cadmium, which is highly toxic, to the gold turned it to a green color. The ancient Lydians who discovered this also realized the health concerns regarding its use.

Cyzicus Electrum Choice Very Fine Stater

An example of a Cyzicus Electrum is this Ancient Cyzicus Electrum Choice Very Fine Stater. It is an amazing coin and desirable by many types of collectors. Firstly, this is the earliest depiction of a domesticated animal on human coinage that we know of. Secondly, it was struck around 2,550 years ago. Thirdly, this 17-gram electrum full stater depicts a hound running left in lifelike fashion. Finally, the dog is atop a totem animal, the tunny (tuna fish).

This Ancient Electrum Coinage of Cyzicus is an amazing piece of history. In other words, it is truly a rare artifact. It is also a collectors item. One to put away and relish. Above all, having one of the first coins ever made is of historical value.

In conclusion, starting in 650 B.C electrum coins were coins ever made. The material they use for the coins was a naturally occurring mixture of gold and silver found in and around streams and riverbeds.

If you’d like to own this amazing piece of history it is a tough item to beat. We love the value found in the earliest of all coinage: electrum. Talk to one of our Rare Coin Advisor to purchase this coin, or other like it. The coin shown is the exact coin you will receive.

Cyzicus Electrum Stater ‘Hound on Tunny’ NGC CHVF 4×4