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Clients often ask us for timely, up to the minute, news on the economy. Above all they want to know about Precious Metals as we head into the new decade. Great News, we have key insider information to share that can help you make solid decisions about your financial future.

Austin Rare Coins Bullion is please to announce the latest release of our ground breaking Precious Metals Publication: the Hard Money Investor. There are many reasons to read this newsletter. Above all, it will help keep you abreast of concise and to the point news on the economy. Especially, the markets as they pertain to gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Inflation & Rising Interest Rates

Our Newest Winter 2022 edition of Hard Money Investor sheds light on the physical precious metals market in the wake of inflation and rising interest rates. We also take look at how this could impact economies across the globe as the new year unfolds. Hard Money Investor is available free to anyone looking to gain an edge on the Precious metals Markets.

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Why Platinum Coins and Bars are a Good Investment

Platinum bars and coins are very popular with precious metals investors. However, they only represent a small portion of most collector and investor’s portfolios. “Platinum investment makes up less than 10% of annual demand for the rare metal.” This is partially because platinum demand outstrips the supply. Nevertheless, investors and collectors alike know why platinum coins and bars are a good investment. test

Platinum is considerably rarer than gold. It is harder to mine than gold and it is also found deeper in the Earth’s core. In fact, it is considered the rarest metal of all! This is due to the short supply and broad demand. For these reasons many people believe platinum offers a lucrative investment opportunity.

According to the World Platinum Investment Council platinum remains heavily undervalued compared to gold and palladium. We encourage investors to take a close look to see platinum’s deep discount set side to side with gold and palladium. Compelling demand growth potential is also why platinum coins and bars are a good investment. “Platinum demand in the first quarter of 2021 continued the very positive growth trends of the preceding two quarters.” Additionally, there was also a strong recovery with supply from mines. This is because the mines are once again able to operate fully after COVID protocols were implemented.

2021 (1-oz.) Platinum American Eagles

Feel free to call and talk to one of our Platinum Advisors. Be sure to take advantage and purchase the new 2021 1-oz. Platinum American Eagles. They are .9995 pure platinum and considered legal tender of the United States. The obverse of the coin features the John Mercanti design of a forward-looking Lady Liberty. The reverse of the coin features a bald eagle with wings extended outward revealing a truly impressive wingspan. Please call us at 1-866-918-1480 for availability.