Why the Athenian owl coin was made

Attica Silver Owl

The ancient city of Athens holds a unique place in our hearts and minds. It was the foundation of western civilization. Even today the Parthenon stands high upon the rocky Acropolis as testament to Ancient Greece. Today, we can easily answer why the Athenian owl coin was made, because it was one of the foundations of this new western civilization.

An example of the world’s earliest coin was the drachma. It helped to develop a new concept of currency. Drachmas were the silver coins of ancient Greece. They dated from the mid-6th century BC and were the monetary unit of ancient Greece. Importantly, the most influential of ancient Greek coins came from the ancient City of Athens. It was the Classical Owl Tetradrachm. No other city was more central to Greece than Athens. Consequently, no other coin better epitomizes Athens than the Athenian owl coin.

Athenian Silver Tetradrachms

The Athenian Silver Tetradrachm is an impressive piece of human history. It ranks as the #10 greatest ancient coin in the 100 Greatest Coin’s Book. The owl represents prosperity and pride of Ancient Greece. It also is the emblem of the city of Athens. Above all, it was the first widely recognized international coin in classical antiquity.

This historical coin depicts the helmeted head of Athena on the obverse. She is the goddess of wisdom and Athen’s patron deity. In addition, Athena was the fierce protectress of the city. The owl is featured on the reverse and represent the embodiment of Athena’s intellectual powers.

The Owl Coin had a wide appeal all over ancient lands. It came from the place that a new Western civilization originated. In other words, Greece and its currency became the center of the new way of life. Civilization inherited a new concept of currency. As a result, it inherited much more. Everything from philosophy, politics, and education to mathematics, science, and medicine. Art, theater, and architecture as well as sport also had its roots from Ancient Greece.

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