Explosive Opportunity in Silver

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Recent developments have caused physical Silver supplies to be depleted and premiums for physical coinage are moving higher as a result. In fact, in our 24 year history at Austin Rare Coins and Bullion, we have only seen developments like this one other time. In 2008, we saw Silver begin its run from $9.50/oz to over $49/oz in just three years. At the time, due to lack of inventory, wholesale bids on Silver Eagles jumped to $6 over the spot price per coin. We haven’t seen anything like it before or since.

U.S. Mint Sells Out of Silver Eagles
2013 is shaping up to be a groundbreaking year for Silver Eagle Sales. The U.S. Mint struck more Silver Eagles this January than in any January over the past 27 years; however, they have completely sold out of 2013 American Eagle Silver Dollars. We began to notice this a week ago when deliveries began to slow. What was different from previous years is that we could always offer backdated Silver Eagles to fill the void. Except, this time was different – the backdated supplies of Silver Eagles were all gone. At the end of last week, dealers began to find out what was causing the supply problems – the Mint was unable to keep up with the persistently strong demand for physical Silver.

The United States Mint offered the following explanation featured in the box to the right. As a result Silver Eagle premiums jumped 34% overnight.

SLV Added More Silver in a Day Than 2012
Adding to the news, on January 16th 2013 the ETF (SLV) purchased 570 tons of Silver in a single day. This enormous amount of Silver is more than what was added to SLV over the entire year for 2012. Interestingly enough, the price of Silver moved up only .20 cents on the purchase and subsequent news. With the physical market so tight and supplies essentially nonexistent, purchasing such a huge amount of Silver on the open market should certainly have caused the price to skyrocket – but it didn’t. Not yet anyway.

The details of this transaction only solidify the reasons for owning physical Silver that you take delivery of. Paper silver like ETF’s are just that – paper. In fact, by their very nature, ETF’s can create unlimited shares overnight – this is impossible with physical Silver because there isn’t such a thing as unlimited shares. This recent purchase of 570 tons is a direct result of SLV “creating” 19,000 shares overnight on January 15th. Something here just doesn’t add up. When do the best financial opportunities present themselves? When two plus two doesn’t equal four.

As you will see, this is just one of the precursors to what we believe to be much higher Silver prices in the near term. Those of us who do business in the real physical Silver market know that delivery times are lengthening and that premiums are surging. This oftentimes is a strong indication of much higher prices on the horizon.

Excellent Opportunity in Silver
We believe that now is the time to take advantage of the temporary lull in Silver prices. Our unique history of dealing in the physical market on a daily basis tells us that these low prices will be a thing of the past. To take advantage of these groundbreaking developments in Silver we recommend that you take advantage of the Canadian Wildlife Series below:

• Three year six-coin series that started in 2011, and each release is capped at only a million coins. The series will end this year.
• Compared to Silver Eagles the wildlife series are about 40x more rare.
• Because of their limited availability and collectible properties, early issues from the wildlife series are commanding substantial premiums over Silver due to their low supplies and high collector demand.
• Due to current production problems at the United States Mint, Canadian Wildlife Coins can be purchased for the same price as American Silver Eagles.

While supplies last, we are offering the following coins from the Canadian Wildlife Series:
1. 2013 Canadian Silver Antelope 1 oz. for only $40 – save now when acquiring Roll of 25 or Mint Box of 500!
2. 2012 Canadian Silver Moose 1 oz. for only $40 – save now when acquiring Roll of 25 or Mint Box of 500!

Because of their limited supplies, cherished designs, and collectible properties, both coins issued in 2011 command large premiums over Silver Eagles. In fact, those clients that took our advice on the 2011 Timberwolves and Grizzly have profited handsomely. Currently we are offering $20 over spot, per coin, for the Timberwolves and $10 over spot per coin for the Grizzly. In fact, they have performed so well that many clients have chosen to trade out of the Timberwolves and into other Silver Coins.

At current levels, clients who purchased 1,000 ounces of Timberwolves in 2011, can send them to us today for 1,750 ounces of Silver American Eagles, just two years after their release. Clients who purchased 1,000 Grizzlies can send them to us today for 1,350 ounces of Silver American Eagles.

Amazingly, due to Silver shortages plaguing the U. S. Mint, this is an opportunity to move into a collectible area of modern Silver Coins, for the same price as commercial bullion coins like the Silver Eagle. As you can see from the illustration above, regardless of if you consider yourself a strict bullion buyer or a collector, the Wildlife Series from the Canadian Mint presents an extraordinary option for value minded investors.

So take action now to ensure that you play a part in what could be an explosive move up in Silver prices over the next 1-3 years. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity. Order online here or call 1-800-928-6468 to guarantee price and availability. As always, save 2% when paying with cash, check, or bank wire.

P.S. When you have 10 minutes, take a little time and watch this explosive video on Silver. This only backs up what we have been saying all along – Get more Silver now, while you still can. Once you have finished watching it, give us a call to get started.

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