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counterfeit gold bars

Jeweler Buys $100,000 In Counterfeit Gold Bars

From Ebay to Jewelry Stores to Coin Dealers counterfeit Gold Bars are appearing. Most buyers are totally fooled by the tungsten filled fake gold bars. Avoid auction sites, cheap gold prices, and problem gold bars completely.

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Lies Fort Knox Gold

The Biggest Government Lie in History?

Some folks think the United States Bullion Depository known as Fort Knox is totally empty

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Gold Dealer Merit No Longer Accepting Orders

Large gold-silver dealers shut down or gone out of business after consumer protection lawsuits were leveled alleging fraudulent sellers misled the public

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merit gold - merit financial

Goodbye Merit Financial’s 1% Over Cost Scam

Unfair, illegal competition and fraud costs everyone– honest gold dealers and an unsuspecting public bombarded by cable TV ads for gold at 1% over cost.

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Gold Price Fixing – Barclays Caught Red-Handed

This is what zoomed-in price fixing looks like at Barclays

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Gold Price Fixing Fully Exposed

Barclays fined $43.8 million for gold price manipulation. Does this mark the end of the London Price Fix?

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‘Investors’ in R5 Mandela coins ripped off

Modern coins are not rare at all

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10 Tungsten-Filled Gold Bars Are Discovered In Manhattan

Follow up to previous article posted on The Austin Report. Customers should only buy from reputable dealers.

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Counterfeit Bars Turn up in New York

Warning! Customers should only buy from reputable dealers.

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