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EuroZone Issues Will Underpin Gold Prices

The ‘extend and pretend’ charade Greece and the Eurozone have been playing can only go on for so long.

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Gold-Silver Prices: Next Bank Rigging Scandal?

US authorities open investigations into banks including HSBC and Barclays over rigging of Gold and Silver prices

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Green light on Gold Prices

Gold Price Still Flashing Green

Gold’s competition for the last few months and years hasn’t been the U.S. Dollar, it’s been the U.S. stock market and other assets. With sharp Stock dips, the Gold price comes to life.

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Time to Sell Stocks– Buy Gold, Buy Silver

Accumulate gold and silver while they are out of favor with the masses and prices have begun rising again.

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Gold Prices Up 2015

Gold Price Blasts Off in 2015 – Up 8%

In many ways it feels a lot like 2008 all over again just before the Stock Market crashed and investors saw 40% of their life savings wiped out.

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Gold Price Soars Past $1,300 Silver Hits $18.38

Investors holding Gold made more gains in three weeks than they made in a Bank CD in the past 8 years!

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Gold Price Up 8% in 2 Weeks – Silver Up 14%

Do we really need to say anything more than Gold up more than 8% in two weeks trading.

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Gold Prices Rise - Swiss National Bank

Gold Price Soars on Swiss National Bank Move

2015 year to date, gold price is up 5.5 per cent in dollar terms, 11.6 per cent in euro terms and almost 8 per cent in sterling terms.

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Gold price Gold mine

2015 Gold Price Tied to Mining Costs

There is so much negativity about Gold at this moment that surely the Gold price bottommed in 2014.

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Alan Greenspan thinking about Gold

Greenspan Thinking About Gold

The last time the world got together to reform the monetary system, in 1944 at the Bretton Woods resort in New Hampshire, the level heads opted for gold.

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Gold Chart Gold Prices 2015 Forecast

Gold Price Forecast Of Plausible $12,600 By Year 2020

MUST READ: Worldwide economic conditions are testament to Gold’s Bullish Fundamentals that support ever-rising gold values going forward into 2015

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Gold Price Explosion

Gold Price Could Explode at Any Moment

People running the Fed today have no clue of the danger that they are creating

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