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Swiss people vote on gold

Gold Price Up 3.4% Year-to-Date Despite Pessimists

Any additional demand from U.S. investors combined with an overload of Swiss Gold Buying could turn this market around very quickly.

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Gold Price Driven by Terrorists & Stock Market Crashes

From the year 2000 low till the gold price peaked, an ounce of gold multiplied in value 7.5 times. $150,000 grew to a value of $1,125,000. Gold millionaires were created by terrorists and stock market crashes.

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So Far, I’ve Been Wrong

After an almost psychic ability to project each year’s Gold price and Silver price from 2001 to 2010, we stopped the price forecasting completely. Was that a mistake?

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Ebola, Terrorists, Gold and Your Life Savings

Let’s take a moment to clarify the relationship between Ebola, Terrorists, Gold, and your life savings. This is important.

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Stock Market Crash

Stock Market Finally Correcting… Maybe

This week, U.S. Stocks fell dramatically and about $1 Trillion Dollars of retirement funds, individual life savings, and investor money simply disappeared. They were just vapor profits in the first place.

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buying gold

They Laughed When I Said I Was Buying Gold Again

Over the last two years, we’ve been waiting for Gold to finally touch what feels like a bottom. We’re thinking that’s around $1,200 an ounce.

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Gold Prices Gold Coins

Just How High Will Gold Prices Go?

Graph shows rising U.S. debt against rising Gold Prices to show us all exactly how high Gold Prices will go. Draw your own conclusions.

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silver price

Out of Nowhere Silver Price Gains 3.2%

We feel Silver prices will move higher, faster than Gold toward the end of the year

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Don’t Be a Victim of the Gold & Silver Shakeout

Gabe Elton of Austin Rare Coins & Bullion hosts Wide Awake News. He brings an exceptional special offering– up to 20 brand new, 2014 Silver Eagles for $398 delivered. Or 10 for $199 delivered. He covers the dislocation between price and reality explaining that during times like these, when prices make no sense, fortunes can be made.

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Buy Gold, Swiss Gold

The Importance of Owning Physical Gold

The price of gold typically moves inversely to other asset classes, thus giving balance and protection in an uncertain economic world.

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