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Troubling Stock Market Peak Signs

There are signs valuations are out of touch with realities in the credit markets and relative to our managed interest rate environment.

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airliner down, gold prices up

Gold Prices Volatile: War in Israel, Airliner Down

Phones at Austin Rare Coins & Bullion rang off the wall. Stock prices fell and Gold prices jumped… what a day!

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“Least Loved” Bull market Becomes Euphoric

Wall Street is no longer the bastion of free and open markets, where the prices of bonds and stocks are determined by the collective judgment of millions of investors.

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margin debt

When Margin Debt Tops 2.25% of GDP, Stock Market Always Crashes

The spike in margin debt is a very ominous sign that there’s risky borrowing money to buy stocks. It’s what 1929, 2000 and 2007 all have in common before the crash

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Contrarian Investing in Mid-2014

Like sheep being lead to the slaughter, the masses always follow the worst leaders. A contrarian makes their own path.

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Precious Metals Double Stock Gains

It just might be time to review your portfolio and avoid risks in the coming U.S. Stock Market correction… at least that’s what we’re feeling

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Why The Comex is Corrupt

It is one thing to label (libel?) the world’s most important precious metals exchange as the most corrupt; but perhaps quite another…

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Fiat Money Always Results in a Crash

Fiat money is evil and evil destroys everything that it touches. No nation can openly endorse evil for very long before it is completely destroyed.

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