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Ebola, Terrorists, Gold and Your Life Savings

Let’s take a moment to clarify the relationship between Ebola, Terrorists, Gold, and your life savings. This is important.

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stock market correction

Markets Get Ugly – and May Be Getting Uglier

By Shah Gilani – Understanding what happened to the stock market last week is really, really important.

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Alan Greenspan- Why Beijing is Buying Gold

Gold has special properties that no other currency, with the possible exception of silver, can claim. For more than two millennia, gold has had virtually unquestioned acceptance as payment.

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A Silver Lining In The Coming Dark Cloud

Cashless society could be reality, not just words. Precious metals could gain from the loss of cash.

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gold not in bear market

Gold Is Not in a Bear Market

We are still in the second and longest stage of the gold bull market where market makers will try and buck you off the gold bull.

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counterfeit gold bars

Jeweler Buys $100,000 In Counterfeit Gold Bars

From Ebay to Jewelry Stores to Coin Dealers counterfeit Gold Bars are appearing. Most buyers are totally fooled by the tungsten filled fake gold bars. Avoid auction sites, cheap gold prices, and problem gold bars completely.

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gold storm

Gold Storm Coming – Prepare Now

It’s the “Quiet Time” Before the Storm – A Time In Which To Prepare. Here’s How…

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Gold Still The Best Play In The Commodity Markets

The advantage Gold has over other commodities: It’s seen as a safe haven and a currency. If wars, Gold (also the US dollar) usually rallies.

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silver prices

Silver Price in Futures Market Tell Us About Slump

Earlier this year massive short covering inevitably led to a six-week bull session in silver prices. Futures are lining up for a repeat. Silver is ready again…

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Why Terrorists Drive Up Gold Prices

Gold Prices will soon be driven by terrorists, war in the Middle East, Stock Market crashes, and excessive money printing

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