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Chocolate Inflation Has Arrived Up 8%

The maker of Reese’s, Kit Kat and Ice Breakers raised wholesale prices by about 8% which exceeds the Gov’t claim of 2% inflation for sure

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Hyperinflation Definition & Examples

Hyperinflation is not as uncommon as you think: Egypt 276 AD – 334 AD 1 million percent inflation in 58 years. We expect U.S. hyperinflation by 2015, but not that bad.

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Inflation: “Let Them Eat Bologna”

Inflation has hit everywhere in food, gas, and energy costs! It was only a matter of time before the Trillions of new, fiat, Paper Dollars created by the Federal Reserve finally turned into inflation.

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$4 a Gallon Gas… Here’s Why

In this week’s newsletter, Dr. Kent Moors is telling us to expect the worst sort of gas inflation ahead

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Inflation: Cost of 4th of July Burger Never Higher

Beef up 16.5% from last year! All the condiments are up too. Inflation has arrived with a vengeance.

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Inflation: How the U.S. Government Benefits

The Fed creates inflation – money out of thin air – and Washington gets to spend it while you lose future buying power for your life savings

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War, Inflation And The Looming Dollar Crisis

Gabe Elton of Austin Rare Coins hosts Wide Awake News Radio to cover issues like inflation, the looming dollar crisis and the hidden inflation that is already here.

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Inflation Isn’t Coming – It’s Here

“New” packaging may mean less product

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