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Obama and Bernanke Saved the Economy… Hooray!

If the global economy truly recovered, why are central bankers stockpiling gold bars at a record pace?

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The Cold, Hard Truth Mr. President

As the President refines his golf game, America becomes unglued at the hinges, the Middle East is burning, Israel is at War with Hamas, and Putin’s troops are set to invade the Ukraine

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Financial Crisis

8 Reasons for Next Global Financial Crisis

The frequency of financial crises and recessions is quite high: on average, there is one crisis every 58 months. The next crisis is not far away

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stock bubble

What If The Fed Has Created A Stock-Bond Bubble?

The Fed pushed stock and bond prices up to “bubblish” levels to inspire consumer spending, physical investments and hiring required to later justify them.

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airliner down, gold prices up

Gold Prices Volatile: War in Israel, Airliner Down

Phones at Austin Rare Coins & Bullion rang off the wall. Stock prices fell and Gold prices jumped… what a day!

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Stock Bubbles

Stock Bubbles, Bubbles Just About Everywhere

Debt and Fed money creation have been creating bubbles everywhere since the crash of 2008. Over-inflating the bubble guarantees another bust soon.

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There’s a Nasty Word for Our Economy

The most recent BEA report last week unexpectedly shrinking by -2.9% in 1Q 2014… then there’s rising inflation expectations.

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A Shrinking Economy Arrives

From +2.6 growth to a -2.9% contraction means the U.S. economy shriveled by 5.5%.

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GDP Growth down

First Quarter GDP Falls Off a Cliff

U.S. economy falling fast into a recession. Will Stock Markets move from over-optimism to accepting we can’t borrow and spend our way to prosperity?

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