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So Far, I’ve Been Wrong

After an almost psychic ability to project each year’s Gold price and Silver price from 2001 to 2010, we stopped the price forecasting completely. Was that a mistake?

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They Laughed When I Said I Was Buying Gold Again

Over the last two years, we’ve been waiting for Gold to finally touch what feels like a bottom. We’re thinking that’s around $1,200 an ounce.

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Silver Supply Deficit- The Long Term Driver

I continue to believe silver prices must go higher long term to keep supply and demand balanced. In the short term, almost anything can happen…

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Out of Nowhere Silver Price Gains 3.2%

We feel Silver prices will move higher, faster than Gold toward the end of the year

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Silver – Almost Time to Backup the Truck & Load up

We are rapidly approaching symmetry with the previous time duration – hence, the probability of a similar cyclical low soon forthcoming.

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Don’t Be a Victim of the Gold & Silver Shakeout

Gabe Elton of Austin Rare Coins & Bullion hosts Wide Awake News. He brings an exceptional special offering– up to 20 brand new, 2014 Silver Eagles for $398 delivered. Or 10 for $199 delivered. He covers the dislocation between price and reality explaining that during times like these, when prices make no sense, fortunes can be made.

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A Silver Lining In The Coming Dark Cloud

Cashless society could be reality, not just words. Precious metals could gain from the loss of cash.

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Silver – Record Shorting of White Metal

Historically, silver has found a bottom when short interest by the large speculators has peaked. We are there now.

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Silver Price in Futures Market Tell Us About Slump

Earlier this year massive short covering inevitably led to a six-week bull session in silver prices. Futures are lining up for a repeat. Silver is ready again…

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Silver Prices Nearing Another Bottom

In the last 20 years, silver has gone up 70% of the time in September. Mining companies cannot make money at today’s low silver prices, silver prices must rise

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