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Sprott’s Charles Oliver: Gold at $1,500 by Christmas?

Demand pressure will cause dam to burst sooner rather than later. As a result, he expects big increases in the prices of gold and especially silver

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When Terrorists Attack, Stocks Dive, Gold Thrives

Terrorists can kill Stock values while other investments like Gold and Silver survive the attacks- and actually thrive.

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Silver Prices Nearing Another Bottom

In the last 20 years, silver has gone up 70% of the time in September. Mining companies cannot make money at today’s low silver prices, silver prices must rise

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Silver Price vs Gold Price

25% Silver Price Rise in 12-18 Months

I predict gold to move up about 10% to $1400 and silver to move up about 25% to $24.5.

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Buy silver coins

7 Best Reasons to Buy Silver Now

If inflation picks up steam, $100 silver is not a fantasy but a distinct possibility. Buy silver now!

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Silver Price Fix

New London Silver Price Fix Begins

Will the new Silver price fix which began Friday allow Silver prices to rise?

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Why Silver Prices Will Be On The Rise

If you have no exposure to the profit potential in owning physical Silver, then buy without delay.

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Five Great Myths of Silver Investing

Truth is timeless, but so are the Silver Myths– we highly recommend you read up on the Five Great Myths of Silver Investing, then ignore them.

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