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Alan Greenspan- Why Beijing is Buying Gold

Gold has special properties that no other currency, with the possible exception of silver, can claim. For more than two millennia, gold has had virtually unquestioned acceptance as payment.

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Is 30% Gold – 70% Stocks About Right?

Checkout this stock vs gold chart to find the sweet spot from 1972 to 2013. What’s right for your portfolio?

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Ron Paul

Ron Paul: Stocks in a Bubble and Will Crash

Inflation he warned about has come to fruition in asset prices, and that once it unravels, a market crash will ensue.

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gold bar vs dollar

Cultural & Political Consequences of Fiat Money

Central features of a fiat money system tends to produce near-permanent price inflation. This contrasts with the workings of an economy based on natural monies such as gold and silver.

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Properly Diversified Portfolio Includes Gold

In the case of hyperinflation or currency collapse, I needed a type of portfolio insurance that has stood the test of time. Hence, I decided to add an allocation to gold and silver.

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The Markets on Crack: The Last Hurrah of the Great Bubble?

If we’re still near 17,500 on the Dow or less by November 10 to 14, I’d say “it’s a good day to die” — to start or complete your selling process for stocks or at the very least keep trimming in your passive 401(k) and retirement plans.

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US Mint Sells Out of Silver Eagles on “Tremendous” Demand

Sales surged to 5.79 million ounces, the most since January 2013, the month that set an all-time high at 7.5 million… now they’re gone

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Gold vs US Dollar

Why Strengthening US Dollar Caused Gold Price Decrease

A rising Dollar value means the USD is stronger compared to other currencies. The fiat (paper) currencies are in a mad rush to the bottom. So far, the Dollar is winning (rising) which makes our products more expensive to export.

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Blowout at the Bank of Japan

There’s only one question. Will all this fake sweetener stuff end in a global heart attack?

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stock market correction

Markets Get Ugly – and May Be Getting Uglier

By Shah Gilani – Understanding what happened to the stock market last week is really, really important.

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A Silver Lining In The Coming Dark Cloud

Cashless society could be reality, not just words. Precious metals could gain from the loss of cash.

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gold not in bear market

Gold Is Not in a Bear Market

We are still in the second and longest stage of the gold bull market where market makers will try and buck you off the gold bull.

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