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Stock Market Will Crash & In Minutes

The market is shockingly vulnerable to a flash crash that could erase 6500 points from the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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Silver Prices Nearing Another Bottom

In the last 20 years, silver has gone up 70% of the time in September. Mining companies cannot make money at today’s low silver prices, silver prices must rise

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DOW Crashes – The Biggest 1 Day Drops

Surprisingly, the biggest % DOW drops came out of nowhere… not after 9/11 like most of us think

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Obama and Bernanke Saved the Economy… Hooray!

If the global economy truly recovered, why are central bankers stockpiling gold bars at a record pace?

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Gold If Not Now When

The Role of Gold in An Investment Portfolio

Excellent white paper documents 1973 to 2013, the optimal allocation for Gold was 20% which produced higher risk-adjusted returns than any other portfolio. This is a must-read report.

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September Averages Biggest Gains for Gold Prices

Ever wondered if this is the best time of the year to buy Gold? We’re just coming out of long, hot August vacation months for Americans and the Europeans have been out for the month…

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Is 30% Gold – 70% Stocks About Right?

Checkout this stock vs gold chart to find the sweet spot from 1972 to 2013. What’s right for your portfolio?

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Financial Crisis

8 Reasons for Next Global Financial Crisis

The frequency of financial crises and recessions is quite high: on average, there is one crisis every 58 months. The next crisis is not far away

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stock bubble

What If The Fed Has Created A Stock-Bond Bubble?

The Fed pushed stock and bond prices up to “bubblish” levels to inspire consumer spending, physical investments and hiring required to later justify them.

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John Hussman: Yes, This Is a Bubble (And It May Be Worse Than 1929)

The Federal Reserve’s accomodative policies have forced investors into stocks despite their pricey valuations.

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