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Goldcorp: We Have Hit PEAK gold

“Whether it is this year or next year, I don’t think we will ever see the gold production reach these levels again”

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The Dollar Is Crushing Gold – Could The Fed Change That This Week?

This week’s Fed meeting could halt the dollar’s rise and give metal prices a boost

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Why Rigging Gold Prices Matters

Freely-determined gold prices are central to ensuring that reality and not financial bubbles guides us in our financial and economic activities.

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Sprott’s Charles Oliver: Gold at $1,500 by Christmas?

Demand pressure will cause dam to burst sooner rather than later. As a result, he expects big increases in the prices of gold and especially silver

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When Terrorists Attack, Stocks Dive, Gold Thrives

Terrorists can kill Stock values while other investments like Gold and Silver survive the attacks- and actually thrive.

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Where Are Gold Prices Headed– Up or Down?

We’re betting Russia and China are buying up Gold because they have an excellent view of long-term gold prices and the coming U.S. dollar decline

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September Averages Biggest Gains for Gold Prices

Ever wondered if this is the best time of the year to buy Gold? We’re just coming out of long, hot August vacation months for Americans and the Europeans have been out for the month…

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Gold Dealer Merit No Longer Accepting Orders

Large gold-silver dealers shut down or gone out of business after consumer protection lawsuits were leveled alleging fraudulent sellers misled the public

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