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Gold Price Soars Past $1,300 Silver Hits $18.38

Investors holding Gold made more gains in three weeks than they made in a Bank CD in the past 8 years!

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Gold Prices Up 2015

Swiss National Bank – the Gold Catalyst

Gold price sharply rises on Switzerland’s negative interest rates and concern about market stability worldwide.

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Gold Price Up 8% in 2 Weeks – Silver Up 14%

Do we really need to say anything more than Gold up more than 8% in two weeks trading.

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Gold Prices Rise - Swiss National Bank

Gold Price Soars on Swiss National Bank Move

2015 year to date, gold price is up 5.5 per cent in dollar terms, 11.6 per cent in euro terms and almost 8 per cent in sterling terms.

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Gold price Gold mine

2015 Gold Price Tied to Mining Costs

There is so much negativity about Gold at this moment that surely the Gold price bottommed in 2014.

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Gold Chart Gold Prices 2015 Forecast

Gold Price Forecast Of Plausible $12,600 By Year 2020

MUST READ: Worldwide economic conditions are testament to Gold’s Bullish Fundamentals that support ever-rising gold values going forward into 2015

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Gold Price Up

Hedge Funds’ Bullish Gold Bets Defy Goldman Outlook

Interesting news… hedge funds turning bullish on Gold

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Russia’s Putin Buying Gold for Keeps

Central Banks around the world with huge trading stockpiles of U.S. Dollars are buying Gold with the strong Dollar. Individual investors are following that trend.

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GOLD on Inflation and Economy Watch

Investors in gold (and stocks) will need to pay close attention to inflation indicators moving forward along with economic data. Any sign of inflation would clearly help gold…

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Strong Dollars Converted into Gold

It makes sense that anyone with excess dollars in reserve would convert strong dollars to undervalued assets like Gold.

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Gold vs US Dollar

Why Strengthening US Dollar Caused Gold Price Decrease

A rising Dollar value means the USD is stronger compared to other currencies. The fiat (paper) currencies are in a mad rush to the bottom. So far, the Dollar is winning (rising) which makes our products more expensive to export.

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Swiss people vote on gold

“Save Our Swiss Gold” Positive for Gold

Any additional demand from U.S. investors combined with an overload of Swiss Gold Buying could turn this market around very quickly.

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