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Gold Has Broken Down, Now What?

Gold is entering bargain territory– and most of the risk will be off of the table.

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Russia’s Putin Buying Gold for Keeps

Central Banks around the world with huge trading stockpiles of U.S. Dollars are buying Gold with the strong Dollar. Individual investors are following that trend.

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Strong Dollars Converted into Gold

It makes sense that anyone with excess dollars in reserve would convert strong dollars to undervalued assets like Gold.

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Gold vs US Dollar

Why Strengthening US Dollar Caused Gold Price Decrease

A rising Dollar value means the USD is stronger compared to other currencies. The fiat (paper) currencies are in a mad rush to the bottom. So far, the Dollar is winning (rising) which makes our products more expensive to export.

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Swiss people vote on gold

“Save Our Swiss Gold” Positive for Gold

Any additional demand from U.S. investors combined with an overload of Swiss Gold Buying could turn this market around very quickly.

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Gold Price Driven by Political Confusion

From the year 2000 low till the gold price peaked, an ounce of gold multiplied in value 7.5 times. $150,000 grew to a value of $1,125,000. Gold millionaires were created by terrorists and stock market crashes.

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Gold Prices Gold Coins

Just How High Will Gold Prices Go?

Graph shows rising U.S. debt against rising Gold Prices to show us all exactly how high Gold Prices will go. Draw your own conclusions.

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China India Gold Demand

China/India Gold Demand: 2013 Déja Vu

Like shoppers flocking to a sale, the “30% off” the price of gold has led to a spike in Asian demand beyond anything previously seen.

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Gold price frustration

Gold Price in Painful Correction

AND THAT’S GOOD NEWS! Our Gold graph shows the 1970s Gold Bull Market vs 2000 Bull correction. Evidence shows the best Gold profits were made long AFTER the correction. Will history repeat itself?

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gold coin american eagle

Gold Coin Sales Double, Gold Price Declines– Huh?

The official September Gold Coin sales are in– gold buyers are taking advantage of the weak gold prices and locking away more gold now!

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