Goodbye Merit Financial’s 1% Over Cost Scam

Unfair, illegal competition and fraud costs everyone– honest gold dealers and an unsuspecting public bombarded by cable TV ads for gold at 1% over cost.

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The Cold, Hard Truth Mr. President

As the President refines his golf game, America becomes unglued at the hinges, the Middle East is burning, Israel is at War with Hamas, and Putin’s troops are set to invade the Ukraine

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Financial Crisis

8 Reasons for Next Global Financial Crisis

The frequency of financial crises and recessions is quite high: on average, there is one crisis every 58 months. The next crisis is not far away

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stock bubble

What If The Fed Has Created A Stock-Bond Bubble?

The Fed pushed stock and bond prices up to “bubblish” levels to inspire consumer spending, physical investments and hiring required to later justify them.

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Buy silver coins

7 Best Reasons to Buy Silver Now

If inflation picks up steam, $100 silver is not a fantasy but a distinct possibility. Buy silver now!

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Silver Price Fix

New London Silver Price Fix Begins

Will the new Silver price fix which began Friday allow Silver prices to rise?

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