Gold as Currency Insurance

I want to set the record straight on Gold as currency insurance.

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margin debt

When Margin Debt Tops 2.25% of GDP, Stock Market Always Crashes

The spike in margin debt is a very ominous sign that there’s risky borrowing money to buy stocks. It’s what 1929, 2000 and 2007 all have in common before the crash

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How to Lose Your Shirt in Bond Funds

Americans face a growing threat of a Bond Fund meltdown in which Trillions of Dollars can disappear faster than the last two U.S. Stock Market Crashes. If you own Bonds, you must read this article.

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Precious Metals Expert Gabe Elton – The Fed is Irrelevant

Gabe Elton of Austin Rare Coins and Bullion hosts another episode of Wide Awake News.  He explains how the Fed has become largely irrelevant and covers the news of the day from the FOMC minutes to Warren Buffet and George Soros actively preparing for a major downturn in stocks.  

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Oklahoma Moves Towards the Gold Standard

For thousands of years people have chosen gold, when they had that right. People will choose it again if we let them.

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Buy silver coins

7 Best Reasons to Buy Silver Now

If inflation picks up steam, $100 silver is not a fantasy but a distinct possibility.

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Silver Price Fix

New London Silver Price Fix Begins

Will the new Silver price fix which began Friday allow Silver prices to rise?

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4% GDP Growth — Subprime Lending Is Back!

The Age-Old Store of Easy Credit

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John Hussman: Yes, This Is a Bubble (And It May Be Worse Than 1929)

The Federal Reserve’s accomodative policies have forced investors into stocks despite their pricey valuations.

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