margin debt

When Margin Debt Tops 2.25% of GDP, Stock Market Always Crashes

The spike in margin debt is a very ominous sign that there’s risky borrowing money to buy stocks. It’s what 1929, 2000 and 2007 all have in common before the crash

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How to Lose Your Shirt in Bond Funds

Americans face a growing threat of a Bond Fund meltdown in which Trillions of Dollars can disappear faster than the last two U.S. Stock Market Crashes. If you own Bonds, you must read this article.

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Gold Up 10% on Dollar Decline

At mid-year the precious metals closed with impressive gains with Silver prices rising 9%.

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John Hussman: Yes, This Is a Bubble (And It May Be Worse Than 1929)

The Federal Reserve’s accomodative policies have forced investors into stocks despite their pricey valuations.

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backup stocks bonds

Backup Your Stock-Bond Portfolio Immediately

Buy a little more gold and a little more silver– beware of lofty Stock levels.

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Greenspan: Stocks to See ‘Significant Correction’

“The stock market has recovered so sharply for so long, you have to assume somewhere along the line we will get a significant correction”

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Ron Paul

Ron Paul: Stocks in a Bubble and Will Crash

Inflation he warned about has come to fruition in asset prices, and that once it unravels, a market crash will ensue.

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Consumer Spending

Consumer Spending Stinks Like a Dead Fish

The raw ingredients for a meaningful recovery in consumption are still missing… too many consumers are busted!

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Why Silver Prices Will Be On The Rise

If you have no exposure to the profit potential in owning physical Silver, then buy without delay.

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Troubling Stock Market Peak Signs

There are signs valuations are out of touch with realities in the credit markets and relative to our managed interest rate environment.

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airliner down, gold prices up

Gold Prices Volatile: War in Israel, Airliner Down

Phones at Austin Rare Coins & Bullion rang off the wall. Stock prices fell and Gold prices jumped… what a day!

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