margin debt

When Margin Debt Tops 2.25% of GDP, Stock Market Always Crashes

The spike in margin debt is a very ominous sign that there’s risky borrowing money to buy stocks. It’s what 1929, 2000 and 2007 all have in common before the crash

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How to Lose Your Shirt in Bond Funds

Americans face a growing threat of a Bond Fund meltdown in which Trillions of Dollars can disappear faster than the last two U.S. Stock Market Crashes. If you own Bonds, you must read this article.

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Gold Up 10% on Dollar Decline

At mid-year the precious metals closed with impressive gains with Silver prices rising 9%.

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Consumer Spending

Consumer Spending Stinks Like a Dead Fish

The raw ingredients for a meaningful recovery in consumption are still missing… too many consumers are busted!

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Why Silver Prices Will Be On The Rise

If you have no exposure to the profit potential in owning physical Silver, then buy without delay.

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Troubling Stock Market Peak Signs

There are signs valuations are out of touch with realities in the credit markets and relative to our managed interest rate environment.

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airliner down, gold prices up

Gold Prices Volatile: War in Israel, Airliner Down

Phones at Austin Rare Coins & Bullion rang off the wall. Stock prices fell and Gold prices jumped… what a day!

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Dollar Burning

Dollar Disaster: Gabe Elton of Austin Coins Hosts “Wide Awake News” Radio Show

The dollar disaster: Gabe covers the run on gold and how current geopolitical events are triggering a massive move away from the dollar.

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Chocolate Inflation Has Arrived Up 8%

The maker of Reese’s, Kit Kat and Ice Breakers raised wholesale prices by about 8% which exceeds the Gov’t claim of 2% inflation for sure

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Stock Bubbles

Stock Bubbles, Bubbles Just About Everywhere

Debt and Fed money creation have been creating bubbles everywhere since the crash of 2008. Over-inflating the bubble guarantees another bust soon.

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Five Great Myths of Silver Investing

Truth is timeless, but so are the Silver Myths– we highly recommend you read up on the Five Great Myths of Silver Investing, then ignore them.

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